Here’s how your LULUMoola works. Every time you shop with us, you’ll earn LULUMoola points. There’s no need to register, your LULUMoola account will be automatically activated upon conclusion of your very first purchase. 

For every R20 that you spend in our store, you’ll earn 1 LULUMoola and 100 LuluMoolas means R20 of stash. Your points will accumulate with each purchase and your balance can be viewed in your account profile. 

Once you have accumulated some moola, you’ll be given the option at  your next checkout to use it or save it for another day. To use your stash, simply choose “LULUMoola” as your payment method to discount against your shopping total.

Your LULUMoola unfortunately can’t be used for shipping charges.