About Us

It really isn’t about us.

It’s about the remarkably talented, creative and inspiring people of our country who produce delicious and beautiful things.

People who employ, upskill and uplift others.
People who are devoted to making South Africa work.
People who respect our environment while using the finest quality ingredients and raw materials.
People who are passionate about their products putting loads of thought, care and love into their processes to make sure that you are nothing short of delighted with what you eventually hold in your hands.

LuluLocal is the last stage of the journey for these extraordinary products. Our aim is to translate all of this to you, our customers, through your experience with us. Whether its pantry staples, some spoils and treats or one of our gorgeous gift boxes, we hope that your time spent on our site is a feast for your eyes and a reminder of the awesome country we live in. May our carefully curated range of locally produced goods excite and inspire you to add a whole new dimension to your pantry and home.

Supporting local artisans and small businesses is fundamental to growing our economy. We are honoured to play our part in showcasing their products and extending their reach across the country.

“Setshaba sa South Afrika, South Afrika.”